Loren's newest oil painting.  24" x 12" snow owl.   Named HANWI, which is a Sioux word for Moon Goddess.  The name was picked by our daughter in law who is the owner of the original painting. Please contact us if you are interested in a  print.


The medium I paint in is Oils.  They are my renditions of photos I have taken, photos I have received permission to do paintings of, intertwined with my inspirations from my memories, ideas I have had, present and past experiences,  as well as moments in the outdoors.  

The subject matter of my work varies from wildlife (North American & African), to farmsteads, westerns,  landscapes, waterfowl, upland game as well as amphibians.

Being an avid outdoor person, I have been blessed with the opportunities to experience and enjoy a variety of moments that imprint my memories.  Thus, to share the experience/memory with others I paint them on canvas.

In the past, to enhance my oil painting skills, the medium I used in addition to oil paint was watercolors.  

After a few years of this I went exclusively to my preferred medium of oil paint, and continue using it today.  Once a painting is completed, we either make, or have made, paper prints, Giclees or prints on canvas which are limited number editions.  My wife, Michelle, does the framing of the originals and the reproductions.

The work I offer to the public are original oil paintings, framed prints, loose prints,  Giclees, and miniature copies.

- Loren G



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